I have always been a fan of Joss Whedon. I have enjoyed his whole body of work, including the X-Men comic book titles he wrote, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and series right up to the ill-fated action-drama series Dollhouse. So when Marvel announced more than a year ago that it would be Joss Whedon who will be at the helm of a first-ever The Avengers live-action movie, I was beside myself with excitement. If there is one person in the world today who has the comic book background, the wit and the visual talent to make a kickass superhero movie, it would be none other than Whedon. A few weeks ago, he proved me right.

I have seen practically every superhero movie that was ever released in history. In my opinion, none of them can ever come close to what Whedon has achieved in The Avengers. The first X-Men sequel was visually exciting, Spiderman 2 gave us compelling human drama, and the first Iron Man movie had us in stitches. Whedon’s The Avengers, however, had all that, and more.

There are a lot of things to love about The Avengers, but one fact stands out: the way Whedon balanced every single character, with neither one character nor another dominating the movie. They all entertained us in equal measure, from Tony Stark’s snarkiness to The Hulk’s LOL moments, particularly that one scene he had alone with the villain Loki. It is a priceless movie moment, just as the movie is a priceless work of art by itself. Now that is how a superhero movie is supposed to be done.

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